Karagöz Everywhere is at the University of Connecticut today. Doing a presentation and a Show! Thanks to Prof. Bart Roccoberton for inviting us. It was an amazing experience to share Karagoz with Bart's students and America's future puppeteers! 

Karagoz Everywhere was at the Delaware Diyanet Mosque on June 20th. We had a great audience and the children were excited to interact with the "tasvir"s after the show. Thank you for inviting the Karagoz Crew! See you soon again:)

Collaborating with the Yunus Emre Institute, our Karagoz team had two shows at Washington D.C. Public Schools. The first show was at Wheatley Education Campus, and the second at HD Cooke Elementary School. Over 200 children attended, and met Karagoz and his friends for the first time.

At a wonderful festival collaborated with Mimar Sinan Mosque & Cultural Center, Karagöz celebrated the end of Ramadan; Eid with the children of Sunnyside, New York.
TAASNY would like to thank everyone who participated in this amazing event.

Hayali Nevzat Çiftçi of Bursa and Hayali Ibrahim Yazici of New York are conversing about the history and artistry of Karagoz at the Karagoz Museum. 

It has long been a mission of TAASNY (www.taasny.org) to expand the scope of Karagöz Shadow Theater, which is recognized by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2009.

A group of Karagöz Shadow Theater lovers started "Karagöz Everywhere" project in 2016 with the idea of exposing the 700 year friendship of Karagöz and Hacivat to audiences around the world. With this mission in mind, we have been collaborating with artists and cultural institutions who have been touched by and enchanted with the Karagöz characters.