Karagöz Everywhere strives to reach to more audiences of different age groups at different locations such as cultural organizations, mosques, educational institutions, museums, hospitals, festivals, conferences, municipalities. Karagöz Everywhere drives its motivation and inspiration from very welcoming and appreciative crowds in the United States who are grateful to meet with Karagöz and witness an indispensable aspect of Turkish history and tradition.

“Karagöz Everywhere” is our goal. Let’s make that happen together…

Past Events

Image Event Event Time Location
Karagöz Gölge Oyunu Mar-31-2024 - Sun - 12:00 am
Karagöz Gölge Oyunu Mar-30-2024 - Sat - 7:30 pm Murat Camii
Karagoz Turkish Shadow play at Murat Camii Apr-08-2023 - Sat - 8:00 pm Murat Camii
Dalaware Mosque Mar-31-2023 - Fri - 7:30 pm Delaware
Maarif School USA Mar-27-2023 - Mon - 10:30 am Maarif School USA
Glendale Maspeth United Methodist Church Karagoz Show Dec-07-2019 - Sat - 5:30 pm Glendale Maspeth United Methodist Church
The Church-in-the-Gardens, Karagoz Show Dec-06-2019 - Fri - 7:30 pm The Church-in-the-Gardens
KaragozEverywhere in Turkish Festival Sep-29-2019 - Sun - 1:00 pm
Karagoz in Boston - Boston Latin School Apr-09-2018 - Mon - 12:00 pm Boston Latin School
Karagoz in Boston - Ahıska Turkish American Community Center Apr-08-2018 - Sun - 5:00 pm Ahıska Turkish American Community Center
Karagoz in Boston - Orhan Gündüz Okulu Apr-08-2018 - Sun - 1:00 pm EG&G Education Center
Yale University Turkish Program Dec-08-2017 - Fri - 5:00 pm The Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Yale University
Florida Turkish American Association (FTAA) Dec-02-2017 - Sat - 12:00 am Florida Turkish Center Foundation
Florida International University (FIU) Dec-01-2017 - Fri - 7:30 pm Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center Recital Hall
Karagoz at the University of Connecticut Oct-07-2017 - Sat - 12:00 am Puppet Arts Complex
Guest Lecturer at University of Connecticut Oct-03-2017 - Tue - 12:00 am Connecticut
Karagöz at Public Schools in D.C. Aug-31-2017 - Thu - 9:00 am Wheatley Education Campus
Karagöz Celebrates Eid in Sunnyside Jun-26-2017 - Mon - 12:00 am Queens, NY
Karagöz in Maryland Jun-21-2017 - Wed - 12:00 am Diyanet Center of America
Karagöz at Delaware Turkish Mosque Jun-20-2017 - Tue - 12:00 am Delaware